Since in Germany the vast majority of online purchases start with a search in Google, the rough number being around 75-80%, advertising in search engines makes sense in more than one way: 1. It is very cost-efficient, since the adverts are only aimed at the target group 2. Because ads only become cost-effective when clicked, it is also possible to launch branding campaigns of different sizes Search-Engine Advertising (SEA) is probably, given the advertised website converts well, the most efficient way of online marketing. The reason for that is simple: The ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo are booked and displayed for matching keywords only. This guarantees that it is shown only to a selected target group. Wastage is almost non-existent. The efficiency is even enhanced by the fact that you only pay for the amount of clicks, not for the amount of views. Important factors of a well performing SEA campaign are the quality if the ads in regards to the keyword booked and the conversion rate on the landing page. 4D Online Marketing offer advice and support when creating and managing a search engine advertsing campaign on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Starting with the target group, the creation of the ads, the booking of the keywords, the design of the landing page and finishing with constantly optimising the campaign.
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