Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO), falls into two main disciplines: 1. On-Site Optimisation 2. Off-Site Optimisation In order to understand why that is, this is a short overview on how search engines work ever since Google arrived on the market. Internet search-engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo all have the same aim: They want to present the most relevant web pages. In order to do that their algorithm evaluates and ranks pages based on the keyword that has been entered. For that they Look at the content and how often and in which pattern the respective keywords appear on the page Count and evaluate webpages that link to that page using the respective keyword 1. Optimising the content of websites so they are more relevant for certain keywords is called On-Site Optimisation. 2. Creating and managing links that come from other websites (so-called ‘backlinking’) is called Off-Site Optimisation. 4D Online Marketing offer advice and support to successfully optimise the content of websites for certain keywords. The aim is to improve the visibility of websites and thus create more traffic from the target group.
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