Advertising in social media is different to classic online marketing. In order to be able to communicate successfully on networks like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Pinterest, not only is it important that the information is relevant for the target group, but also that it is being perceived as sympathetic. Since the actual reason for existence of social networks is that members share information among each other, the success of a campaign is based on the users being willing to spread the advert. In order to achieve that the content must not only be relevant, but also original or capture the mood of the user since at the end of the day they vouch with their reputation for the content they spread. Thus social media campaigns are especially helpfull for running branding campaigns. In addition networks like Facebook offer the possibility to run display campaigns, where it is possible to heavily filter a very big audience and reach very specific target groups. 4D Online Marketing offer advice and support for setting up and optimising successfull and efficient social media campaigns.
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