Affiliate Marketing has first been used by Amazon, who payed owners of other websites a fee for every order at Amazon generated through an ad on the partner’s page. This means Amazon only had to pay based on the visibility and the quality of the content of the partner’s website. Thus Affiliate Marketing is also being called ‘Performance Marketing’. The ads on the affiliate’s page can come in many forms: banners with images, text-links or forwarding users that have clicked on a product image. Very popular kinds of affiliates are price comparison pages, voucher pages and portal-pages for specific businesses. In addition there are special-interest pages, pages that feature product-tests and blogs of all kinds. Affiliate campaigns can either run via a third party platform, where publishers and advertisers meet and who earn their money through a small fee or advertisers can set-up their own plattform, save the fee, but lose the easy access to thousends of possible partners. 4D Online Marketing offer advice and support for setting-up a new affiliate campaign or optimising an existing one.
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