Newsletter campaigns can be used to achieve a multitude of goals. The design of a template and the structure of a campaign largely depend on the specific aim. Newsletter campaigns fall into two different groups: 1. Newsletter campaigns to acquire new customers or leads 2. Newsletter campaigns to keep and improve the loyalty of existing customers Although the aim these two groups have is very different, which has an effect on both design, structure and especially costs, they also have something in common: Relevance. This is obivously true for any marketing campaign, but nowhere as crucial as it is with newsletters. Since newsletter campaigns are basically the only real push-marketing tool in the online marketing mix, it is crucial that the offer is presented both to the perfect target group and with the most attractive layout possible in order to avoid wastage. 4D Online Marketing offer advice and support to help creating high quality newsletter campaigns for both acquiring new customers or leads and keeping or improving the loyalty of existing customers. Defining the target group, segmenting the recipients, selecting the appropriate database for new customer acquisition and designing performing templates as well as landing pages are central parts of a successfull campaign.
newsletter campaigns
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