The concept of a new website depends on three preconditions: 1. What kind of goods or services is being offered? 2. Who are the target groups and what do they expect from your services or goods? 3. Which action is being expected from the target groups An online-shop for fashion targeting young women and aiming to convert them into customers both looks different and offers different functionalities to the website of a dentist, who wants to akquire new patients. 4D Online Marketing offer consultation and support at a reasonable price to create successfull websites. Visitors will be converted into customers through very good usability, while the concept will always take into account the available ressources. 4D Online Marketing help to define the relevant German target groups and find out about their expectations. Depending on the offer and the aim of the web-presence, 4D Online Marketing help to create websites that help you reach your goals. This also includes designing the content and the structure of the after-sales program. It’s not only in competitive markets that this together with exceptional customer support helps to create the much needed advantage over the competition.
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